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We offer mid-day menu options to allow our culinary team to transition from our lunch to dinner menus.

From 3pm - 5pm, our kitchen offers the mid-day food menu below. Dinner service begins at 5pm Tuesday - Saturday.

Passerelle Mid-day Menu


Soup du Jour
Ask your server about today’s selection

Today's Cheese Tasting
grilled baguette, blueberry-lavender jam, toasted almonds    14

Marinated Olives
french country blend 5

Crusty Bread
toasted baguette, salted butter, radishes 5

Charcuterie Assortment
artisian salumi, sweet pepper relish, grainy mustard, cornichons, grilled bread 14

Frites and Remoulade
french fries, parsley, house made remoulade sauce 6

Pickled Strawberries & Fromage Blanc
arugula, fennel, toasted almonds, honey-black pepper vinaigrette   11

Petite Salad
baby lettuces, tomatoes, olives, crouton, champagne vinaigrette   6


Trio of Sorbet with Berries
ask about today's selections 7

White Coconut Cake
frangelico caramel, coconut sorbet, seasonal berries 7

Lemon Crème Brulee
lavender shortbread, meringue 7

Dark Chocolate Mousse
white chocolate ganache, whipped cream, lime-vanilla bean cookie 7

Dessert Wine
2011 La Fleur D'or Sauternes

Coffee 2

Espresso 3

Cappuccino 4

Chef Steven and the culinary team at Passerelle are more than happy to work with our guests to meet their dietary needs and allergy restrictions, or to create delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. To email the staff with questions or discuss menu options, please click here or call 864-509-0142.

*These items contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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